PART 2 Plain English Writing to Write Clearly and Concisely

Structure Your Writing

How you organize the document and what headings you include are extremely important in determining what effect your document will have on its readers. To achieve the highest rate of comprehension like domywriting service do, here are some guidelines on structure:

  • put the main message first

  • divide your material into short sections

  • group related ideas together

  • put material in an order that makes the best sense to the reader

  • use lots of headings

Use Graphics and Tables

Use figures such as charts, tables, and other illustrations. Mention or introduce every figure in the text before it occurs on the top paper reviews and place the figure close to the text that explains it. Make sure all figures have informative headings.

Use Parallel Phrasing

State related ideas in similar grammatical form. Paralleling your language brings your thoughts together and makes it easier for your readers to understand your writing.

Do Not Use Unnecessary Qualifiers

Excess or elaborate words make your writing sluggish. And unnecessary qualifiers add no additional meaning to a sentence.

Do Not Use Multiple Negatives

When you can put a negative statement as a positive one without changing the meaning of it, do it. You will save readers from unnecessary mental work. Using more than one negative muddles the meaning of your writing. Accentuate the positive when you can.

Avoid Redundancies

To make an idea clear, you do not need to state it in as many ways as possible. Using different words that mean the same thing can actually make your document harder to understand. To avoid repetition, if you are thinking of describing something with two different words that have the same meaning, use the word that sounds more powerful.

The intention of writing in plain English is to write in a manner that is easily understood by the target audience: appropriate to their reading skills and knowledge, clear and direct, free of cliché and unnecessary jargon.

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